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  • CRO Specialist

    We are looking for an CRO Specialist to help us make our platform better! We want a strategy we can implement in the coming months and we want you to help us do that.  You will work closely with us (Jess...

    Up to 20 hours Home N/A

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We pride ourselves on being supportive at That Works For Me. That means that we want to help you. Whether you’re new or existing, whether you’re freelancing or just starting out, whether you have a direction or are wondering aimlessly in circles, we want to help. One way of doing this is through a coach. We have hand picked our panel of coaches to help in different ways – helping you Discover Yourself, helping you Find A Job, helping you Start Up or helping you build your already established Business. Sign up with us for a free introductory session with one of our coaches.