Make It Work Community


Make It Work Community

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Business, Employment, Flexible Working, Freelance, Make It Work, News, Recruiter

Last week we launched our Make It Work Community site ahead of the wider platform launch of That Works For Me. But what does Make It Work mean? And how is it different from That Works For Me? Read on to find out more!


What does Make It Work mean?


Make It Work is our mantra. ‘It’ being your work. Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, job seeker or recruiter, these Make It Work pages are specifically designed to help you Make It Work (for you).  

We are deeply passionate about flexible working and bringing work-life balance to people’s lives. Our aim is to help you make it work because the benefits speak for themselves. For people – better health and happier families. For businesses – better cultures and improved financial performance.  

The Make It Work community area aims to educate our customers on flexible working and how it applies in the context of you, as well as spread the word on the benefits of flexible working to all. It will also contain news and guides to help you navigate the That Works For Me platform. 

We appreciate that what we’re doing caters to a few different groups, so we’ll highlight the intended audience for each of our posts. For example, we currently have a post from our Business Coach, Emma, talking about how businesses can up their flex appeal. Or in other words, how to Make It (flexible working) Work for you (your business) – this is for business owners. Rebecca, our Self Discovery coach, has written for us on the topic of changing career after you have kids. Or in other words, how to Make It (work life) Work (after you have children) this is for people looking for flexible work. 

All clear?! Hope so! 


What will be on the Make it Work community pages? 


The Make It Work community pages are live and will grow organically as we do. We will organise our posts as best we can. For now, they fall into the following categories: 

Blogs – features from That Works For Me, our partners and other people who we believe can teach us how to Make It Work 

Guides – how to use the That Works For Me platform 

Press – where we have featured in the press  

News – updates from That Works For Me 

Case Studies – examples of where we have helped people and businesses Make It Work 

Each category is niftily coded with one of our popping brand colours. These categories will broaden the longer we are in existence, but for now you get the idea! 


How is Make It Work different to That Works For Me? 


Through the Make It Work community, we want to help educate people and businesses on flexible working and spread the word about the benefits. Through That Works For Me, we want to enable it.  

That Works For Me offers a supportive and affordable platform for people that need flexible work. It will provide skilled individuals and businesses the opportunity to work together. Our platform is for freelance or project work and employment – the only requirement is that the work is flexible. 

Our customers are people like us and like you – people with families and priorities outside of work. People that need flexible work (we really think that’s all of us!).  

Our customers are… 

  • Full-time parents seeking flexible work  
  • Working professionals looking for flexible work 
  • Business owners in need of help and resource  
  • Recruiters specialising in flexible working  


Businesses and recruiters looking for help

You can set up a profile and personalised business page to attract the people and skills needed to grow your business. Additional users can be added to your business page, each of you can then add roles and projects to your profile quickly and easily.  

Individuals looking for work

Set your preference to ‘seeking employment’ or ‘seeking freelance work’ and set up your profile. Tag your profile with the skills, sectors and specialisms you are known for and you’re good to go. You’ll be visible to businesses and recruiters looking for people like you, and they can invite you to quote on a project or apply for a role. Roles can be applied for at the click of a button, with projects quoted on immediately or after obtaining more information.  

Features and Benefits

There are a range of features and packages depending on your size and what you are looking for. The Projects & Roles area of your account means you can manage, track and edit roles, projects, quotes and applications. The Accounting Assistant contains invoicing and payments, automatically keeping a record of all activity. You can also Message other users at any time. In addition to all of this, you have access to our supportive benefits including training, legal support, business checklists and discounts from our hand picked partners. And if you’re struggling with anything at all, you can arrange a call with one of our amazing coaches who will help you figure out exactly what to do next.  


Keep an eye on the Make It Work community for news on when That Works For Me launches in full. Even better, subscribe to our email newsletter. We promise it’s worth receiving. Imagine an email that brings you work-life balance! Sign up to stay in touch and we’ll deliver you the best opportunities, people, advice and guidance for flexible work that suits you. And as a thank you for signing up now, we’ll be sending out exclusive launch offers to our loyal founding members.  


When will That Works For Me launch?

We are aiming for the Spring of 2019! We are working on launching That Works For Me as soon as we can, however we’re fitting it in around a very heavy pregnancy (Jess, our CEO) or full time jobs (Nicola and Gemma)!