Introducing our COO


Introducing our COO

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Business, Career Change, News, Our story

I have mentioned the name Nicola a few times. As well as being my favourite Northerner, she is my best friend and incredibly talented at what she does. Which is hassle, cajole, push and deliver! All in a good way! She could organise a group of toddlers to complete in a synchronised swimming event; could plan the Olympics opening ceremony in the centre of Leeds at the same time as Reading & Leeds festival; and if someone had just put her in charge of Brexit we’d have forgotten that word even existed by now. 

I talked in Our Story about how she was the person I went to with my big idea and she greeted it with enthusiasm, ideas and excitement. She’s since adopted it as her own and brought it to fruition in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own. Whilst she had a full time job and for zero pennies. Just the dream of something possibly in the future.  

Which is why I’m little-bit-of-wee-just-came-out excited that she has officially joined That Works For Me as my Co-founder and COO. I couldn’t be more excited and proud that she believes in me enough to officially put her name to our business. But I believe that she will make this happen in ways that I couldn’t on my own and am beyond excited for our future together. Sounds like a marriage, doesn’t it?! 

Welcome to my team Nicola Good Let’s do this!