Our Story: The birth of That Works For Me


Our Story: The birth of That Works For Me

by | Feb 18, 2019 | After Children, Blog, Our story, Starting Out, Work life balance

I want to share with you the birth story of That Works For Me and how we came to be. Setting up a business is a tough gig and I’ve no doubt been through many of the same challenges you have! This week is all on how we came to be…

Why Start That Works For Me?


Large corporates aren’t known for their ability to accommodate working Mums, as I learnt to my peril after having two children. I knew that between the travelling, expectations of a board member, and the physical presence demanded, my job just wouldn’t work with two children.

There I was, a mother of two, with 15 years of experience in buying, selling and leading businesses, with nothing to do but play building blocks. The more I spoke to other Mums, I realised I wasn’t alone. There were a million others in the same boat as me. There are more skills at most baby groups than there are sat in most board rooms.

The friends I knew that had been brave enough to start a business of their own were doing great though sometimes struggling to find the help they needed and frequently distracted by the non-essential business activities they didn’t really enjoy. They knew recruiting or out-sourcing would be the best thing but they worried about the expense. Taking on new staff is a big and scary investment and outsourcing often means loss of control and potentially expensive service costs.

It was clear that the opportunity was to bring these groups together. If more Mums, and other populations who no longer want or suit full time corporate life, had the right support to apply their skills in a slightly different way then they could bring enormous value to developing businesses. Not only would they bring talent, skill and experience but they can do so in a more affordable way.


What will That Works For Me do?


For people who need flexible work, we offer a supportive and affordable platform that provides skilled individuals and businesses with the opportunity to work together. We promise to:

  • Open up a more diverse range of professional flexible working opportunities so people can reclaim their time, and small businesses can manage their resource more efficiently
  • Bring parents back into the workplace and stop hard-earned and valuable skills going to waste
  • Bring businesses skills and experience without the long term commitment, making consultancy affordable

 You will be able to find work – employed or freelance – find help – with an employee or freelancer. If you are a specialist recruiter in the flexible working arena, we want you too.

When will it launch?


We are inching closer to launch every single day. We are hoping it will be in Spring, but the best way to keep informed is to subscribe to our updates. We promise not to bombard you but will let you know when we’re ready to go so you can too. You could also follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.